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No Fair (In Progress) placeholder cover

No Fair

By Laura Stewart Schmidt

Aspiring fifth-grade scientist Candy and her best friend Kiera are determined to win first prize for their project at the science fair and a chance at the summer STEM camp, but when a series of thefts rocks their small southern Missouri grade school, they must solve the mystery and catch the thief before their principal cancels the fair and wrecks their hopes.

Black Sheep (In Progress) placeholder cover

Black Sheep

By Laura Stewart Schmidt

Twenty-year-old Ellen learns that the year she was born, a trusted employee of her family’s retail store almost bankrupted them by disappearing with $5000. She offers to help the investigating officer who has reopened the case, only to to suspect that someone in her family knows more than they’ve ever told about the missing man, and will do anything to keep old secrets buried.

Sweeter Than Life Front Cover

Sweeter Than Life

By Laura Stewart Schmidt


Like pancakes and garlic—and 17-year-old Wendy’s family—some things aren’t meant to be blended. When her six-year-old stepbrother bursts into her room and destroys her English project, it doesn’t matter that he has severe autism. Her father and his wife blame Wendy. Her mother’s recent remarriage means that the one place she could escape to is now a shared bedroom with a hostile stepsister. Wendy gets a job after school to escape her families and earn money for college. She meets Sam and falls in love for the first time. Sam gives her the acceptance she needs and he becomes Wendy’s refuge—until she discovers he has been keeping a dangerous secret. When trouble strikes, Sam lashes out at Wendy, and his reckless fury causes a tragedy for which Wendy feels responsible. Is the family she rejected the only thing that can save her?

Until Proven Innocent Front Cover

Until Proven Innocent

By Laura Stewart Schmidt


No one knows who started a fire that killed the Spriggs family fifty years ago. Alison’s grandmother was blamed for it and has spent her life under a cloud of suspicion. Alison has less than two weeks to prove her grandmother’s innocence before the Spriggs’ house is torn down, taking its secrets with it. But she soon learns that someone is desperate to keep her from learning the truth.

Don't Fear My Darling Front Cover

Don't Fear, My Darling

By Laura Stewart Schmidt


It’s been five months since twenty-two-year-old Louisa Berry’s cherished grandfather died, and although she’s determined to live a life that honors his memory, she’s dropped out of college twice, and her refusal to play the corporate game has cost her three jobs. She thinks her new position—a live-in secretary to an elderly author, Marguerite Roberts—is perfect.But the moment she arrives at the Roberts’ house, Louisa senses an undercurrent of menace. The wheelchair-bound Marguerite is confined to her room, and the family members can barely disguise their hostility toward one another. A series of threatening events soon makes Louisa question whether her growing affection for Marguerite is enough to keep her in a house in which she can trust no one—not even Marguerite’s grandson, with whom she is falling in love. As the danger escalates, Louisa is trapped. She can’t leave Marguerite alone and unprotected. But she may be risking her own life if she stays.