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Until Proven Innocent Front Cover

Until Proven Innocent

By: Laura Stewart Schmidt

No one knows who started a fire that killed the Spriggs family fifty years ago. Alison’s grandmother was blamed for it and has spent her life under a cloud of suspicion. Alison has less than two weeks to prove her grandmother’s innocence before the Spriggs’ house is torn down, taking its secrets with it. But she soon learns that someone is desperate to keep her from learning the truth.


When fifteen-year-old Alison’s grandfather hints their family was involved in the fiery deaths of a woman and her daughter fifty years ago, her grandmother acts like it’s his Alzheimer’s talking. Alison doesn’t believe her and decides to investigate. She is stunned to learn her grandmother was accused of starting the fatal blaze. Even though she wasn’t convicted, she was ostracized by the community and has lived her life under a cloud of suspicion. Alison is determined to find out the real cause of the fire and clear her grandmother’s name. But the house in which the family died is slated for demolition in two weeks, so she’s running out of time. And the more clues she uncovers, the closer she gets to unmasking a killer-who may make Alison the next victim.

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