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No Fair (In Progress)

By: Laurie Stewart

Aspiring fifth-grade scientist Candy and her best friend Kiera are determined to win first prize for their project at the science fair and a chance at the summer STEM camp,

Sweeter Than Life – A Young Adult Novel

By: Laura Stewart Schmidt

Like pancakes and garlic—and 17-year-old Wendy’s family—some things aren’t meant to be blended. When her six-year-old stepbrother bursts into her room and destroys her English project, it doesn’t matter that

Until Proven Innocent

By: Laura Stewart Schmidt

No one knows who started a fire that killed the Spriggs family fifty years ago. Alison’s grandmother was blamed for it and has spent her life under a cloud of

Don’t Fear My Darling

By: Laura Stewart Schmidt

It’s been five months since twenty-two-year-old Louisa Berry’s cherished grandfather died, and although she’s determined to live a life that honors his memory, she’s dropped out of college twice, and